The California Coast

This past weekend, Dave and I decided to be a little adventurous. We packed a cooler with lunch (and an admittedly unreasonable amount of cheese balls) and headed out. Our first stop was Long Beach. We were met with this beautiful view:

That’s a lot of boats.

I’m not sure why, but Long Beach had an almost old-time feel to it. Or at least that’s how I pictured it in my head:

Long Beach is home to a Coast Guard base, so in my mind, I decided this big boat was on an important mission:

Or it could just be delivering a really large shipment of toilet paper. Or it’s a Titanic reenactment? If that were the case, I definitely would have jumped in the water and found a piece of floating driftwood so I could audition for the role of Rose.

We left Long Beach with a significantly smaller load of cheese balls and suntanning on the agenda (it was on my agenda, anyway.) After stopping to buy a couple of beach chairs, we arrived at our second destination, Laguna Beach:

We crashed a wedding that was conveniently going on at the top of the hill (I just wanted to see her dress!) and then headed down to soak up some sunshine.

The waves were gorgeous:

After a while, when I realized we really weren’t going to run into Kristin Cavallari or Lauren Conrad (next time?) we headed out.

Our drive was full of more beautiful glimpses of the Coast.

Our final destination, and where we ended up stopping for the evening, was in San Clemente.  It is an adorable town with the cutest winery, which I immediately dragged Dave to. We sampled several local varieties of wine and chatted with our server about the town, and afterward, the sun was just setting over the water.

The pier was so cute, and just came alive with the prettiest light when the sun started to set.

The coast was just as gorgeous at night as it was in the sunshine.

It’s Hotel California! Right, Don Henley? (I may or may not say this about nearly every hotel we drive by.)

The light from the setting sun made every picture glow with a rainbow of soft color.

I think is my favorite image from the whole day:

The beach at night had such an otherwordly, romantic feel. I didn’t want to leave!

Luckily, I know our adventures in California have only just begun. 🙂



  1. Your pictures are so great! My favorite is the b&w one with the lamp post.

  2. You photos are AH-MAZING!!! I seriously just gawked at them for a good 10 minutes. Beautiful!

  3. Beautiful photos, Casey! Wow! Sure makes me miss my home state, even though I’m from Northern California, which really is like another state compared to the south! Been wanting to go home for a visit and this post confirms it. Enjoy your “just beginning adventures!”

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