What Happens in Vegas …

Ok, so nothing big enough to stay in Vegas happened in Vegas. I just wanted to use the title. 🙂 But we did have a great weekend! Friday night Dave, me, and a couple of guys he works with headed out for a weekend road trip. Side note: how fun is it that Vegas is a weekend road trip for me now?!

The drive took about four hours. The view was so pretty the whole time! I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of watching the sun set over the mountains.

We arrived at our hotel around 8:00 or so.

I had never stayed at the MGM Grand, but I was really impressed. But I love everything about Vegas so it wasn’t a tough sell.

Since I have a hard time going three hours without eating, dinner was the first priority. With all the great restaurants in Vegas, it was a big decision. I voted for the fancy bar at the top of the Stratosphere hotel (I had a new dress). We discussed while taking in the view from our hotel room.

Not a bad view. 🙂

Back to dinner.

We ended up at Hooters. In Vegas. I guess that’s what I get for taking a road trip with three guys (I really need to make some girl friends out here). But if you want to know the truth, I love Hooters wings. So me and my new dress accompanied the boys across the street and stood in a half-hour line to get in. I know. I thought it was pretty weird too.

Afterward it was time for some sight-seeing!

The water show at The Bellagio hotel happens every 15 minutes—all those fountains in the middle of the water go off, and it’s set to music. I always stop and watch. We actually walked by it at least four times Friday night! (High heels and Vegas, by the way, do not go together. Just in case you ever find yourself contemplating strolling down the  strip in four-inch heels, I just want to warn you it will not the be the Sex and the City type situation you are envisioning.)

Saturday, we had tickets to see this guy.

David Copperfield! We actually did the meet and greet package, which included meeting David and getting our pictures taken with him, and a private card show trick backstage. The show was so good! I loved it. We have pictures still to come of us with him, so I’ll share those when I get them. (I said he was *extremely attractive* and Dave said that was perfectly acceptable. He loved the show too.) I almost dropped my camera when he put his arm around me.

After the show, we headed to a house party right outside the strip. The view was gorgeous! I love the fact that Vegas is basically the desert, with a bunch of fun stuff thrown in for good measure.

The party was so much fun. The owner had his own little casino upstairs, complete with a few slot machines and a full-on blackjack table. (The full-size popcorn machine is also worth noting. It came in very handy around midnight.) Some serious gambling ensued!

It was such a fun night. I’m not the greatest gambler, but I can eat popcorn and get in the card players’ way taking pictures. 🙂

I could’ve easily spent another three or four days in Vegas! We didn’t get to the shopping or pool, but there’s always next time.

The drive home had just as many great views as the way there.

(It’s a good thing the views were nice, because the drive home took eight hours. Seriously. Have you heard about this California traffic? It’s all true. And there was that one-or-two-hour or so stop at another casino on the way home, but that barely counts. )

This weekend a major freeway was closed down across Southern California, which made it hard to travel from one California city to another. So apparently everyone headed to Vegas instead. Cars were bumper to bumper on the way home. To quote Katy Perry, that’s what you get for waking up in Vegas…

It was worth it. 🙂



  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures! Remember when I won $200 and all the coins came out and it was awesome? And then we got stuck in traffic and missed our flight and I was secretly SO excited to go back and check in at the front desk of the MIrage to see the Ricky Martin look-alike again? Little did I know when we were sixteen Ricky Martin would never love me the way I loved him . . .

  2. You took BEAUTIFUL photos!! My goodness. I’ve been to Vegas twice in my short life (both when I was underage!) and it is hands down one of my favorite places in the country.

    • Allie you have to go back now if you’re interested in gambling at all–I usually only give myself a short time limit in the casino–it is so much fun!!

  3. I want to go to Vegas so badly!!! Mainly for the shows and the food, although gambling can be fun too. And WOW. Your photos are amazing.

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