Lovely Lightbox

Today I was reading some of my favorite blogs and I noticed a trend that’s all over the place. It’s called Instagram—you’re probably heard of it—and it’s an iPhone app. Me being me, I definitely wanted in on any new trend, even if I don’t have an iPhone and I didn’t really know what Instagram was. (I’ve been seeing the term for weeks now and just had no clue. I think I always skimmed over the explanation parts to get to the pictures.)

Anyway, it’s an app that lets you take pictures and then runs them through fun filters. Neat, right? Note that I said I don’t have an iPhone—but I do have an EVO (Sprint’s version of the iPhone). A few seconds later, I was playing with own picture filter app:

The EVO version of Instagram is called Lightbox. It comes with several filters (basically, special effects) you can apply to your pics to make them pop—this one is called Fisheye, which bends the pic outward like you’re in a fishbowl (hence the name). It’s a popular type of camera lens—way pricier than a phone app. There also retro, sepia, Loma (? I have no idea what this does but it looks really cool ), Ansel (which I’m guessing means your photos automatically turn into Ansel Adams-esque works of art?), etc. It kept me entertained all day (it’s the little things).

Here’s a few other Lightboxed shots of downtown Pasadena (the above pic is the city’s main street).

This one just gives your picture a red tint:

(Happy hours like this are everywhere, all the time, by the way. Need I say more?)

Black and white:

After my trip downtown, where people had to step around me while I took pictures of signs and street corners, I headed back to the place we’re renting. We’re only renting the top floor of a big house that’s actually been used in some movie shoots (I have now stood in the same yard–-lived in the same yard—that Leonardo DeCaprio graced wearing nothing but a robe. George Clooney—while fully clothed—has also filmed here.) That has nothing to do with the pictures but everything to do with making me happy.

Here’s some shots of the property.

And the neighborhood:

And my favorite, the view from our bathroom window:

You would think Lightbox was sponsoring this post, but really—download it if you have the EVO. (If you have the iPhone, Instagram would be the way to go—I’m not sure if it has as many filters but I bet it does.) It’s so fun!

Happy Wednesday … come back soon for a recipe post!



  1. How fun!! The pictures are so cool! I don’t have iPhone but I think my husband has an EVO. Maybe he will let me play with it. 🙂

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