Marcy & Dan

Dave and I didn’t go on any big adventures this weekend because he had reconstructive knee surgery. He hasn’t been too mobile. So instead, we spent a lovely weekend on the couch watching approximately 22 episodes of Mad Men. We’re now obsessed. 🙂

Instead, I’ll show you some photos of my friends Marcy and Dan—they recently had their first baby, Maggy. Before Maggy made her debut into the world, I took a few photos of Marcy and Dan in the “expectant” phase. They were so cute!

Marcy and Dan Marcy and Dan

They live in a great house with a big yard that will be perfect for Maggy as soon as she masters that walking thing. 🙂

Marcy and Dan

I’ll be in Indiana for a couple weeks in October, so hopefully I’ll be able to take some pics of little Maggy!


Marcy and Dan

Marcy and Dan (and Maggy!), you make great models!

The August Break, Maternity



  1. I’ve been watching Mad Men like crazy since they put it up on Netflix last week. I’ve gone through seasons 1, 2, and half of season 3 in literally a week! It’s just so good!

    – Nicole

  2. Great pics! I love seeing pics of soon to be parents! I love seeing the excitement in their eyes!

  3. Thanks Autumn! 🙂

  4. look at you!!!! great shots, case!!! xo

  5. Hey!! Love reading this. Just wanted to comment that Joel and I are HUGE Mad Men fans!! What’s not to love? The clothes, the drinking, the flirting 😉 Did I mention, the clothes? Ha! Hope you’re doing well.

    • Thanks Tosh! I know, we love it too. 🙂 Banana Republic even has a Mad Men-inspired collection this fall! Hope you’re doing well too!

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