Sunset for Flickr

Sometimes, if I’m having a blah day and just feel a little “off” for whatever reason, music can be the perfect cure. Today, if you’re feeling sad, restless, homesick, or just not as happy as you think you should be, I encourage you to listen to my new favorite song. It’s by Toby Mac, a contemporary Christian rock band. I had to listen to it a couple of times to really absorb it and get into the beat and feel of it, and then I was hooked! I’ve listened to it at least 10 times this week. I just wanted to share ❤

So whether you lace up your running shoes and head out for a run, clean your house from top to bottom, take your dog on an evening walk before the sun sets, or just lay on your bed with your eyes closed, you might want to listen to this song at the same time. It’s a great way to remember what’s important in life. Every time I turn it on, I’m reminded of just how blessed I am.

My thoughts and prayers continue to go out to all who were affected by the tragedy at the Indiana State Fair.



  1. Isabelle@cheesymiteapples says:

    aww your not alone. I’m having a bit of a blah day too. Music always clears my head. I went and got an i tunes card….downloading new songs!
    I like the song you posted 🙂

  2. Having an awful day…but nothing new for me. I’m definitely lying down…not running…

    Hope your days get better – you are worth it.

  3. Love that first photo! I’d never heard that song, but I like it.

  4. Who told you that when I feel blah I get OCD and clean every inch of my house? :/ Great song!

  5. Excellent song! I like it too.

  6. I think I’ll go take my dog for a walk now:). I’m sure he appreciates the suggestion . . .we can’t WAIT to go on walks with you in October!!! Love ya! Gorgeous first picture btw and I’m downloading the song right now . . .

  7. Excuse me, OUR dog . . .or your dog when he’s being bad . .. 🙂

  8. Beautiful picture! And I can completely relate to what you wrote about being sad and need some music. When I have my blues I usualy go for a walk with my mp3-player and let my thoughts fly. That makes me always feel better or at least see things more clear.

  9. gahh I feel ya on the blah day… I am having a blah week as a matter of fact. But your post is a great reminder to “put things in perspective” and find ways to pull you out of a funk

  10. I love Toby Mac. Been listening to him for years. I haven’t heard his latest album though….I will have to check that out. One of my favorites is “Ignition”.

  11. i so need to turn to music more often. i always used to. and i loves me some toby mac. i need to ask for some itunes gift cards to update my music. i sort of miss the days of just buying cds because i was so much better at keeping up with music.

  12. Something must be in the air because my mom and I are both feeling off today too. Music is so powerful! Thats why I love it 😀

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