My Packing Tips

Leavin' on a Jet Plane Plane

Later this week, I’m leaving for a week-long trip that will be spent gallivanting around the East Coast. (By gallivanting, I mean eating clam chowder in Boston, eating lobster in Maine, eating crab cakes in Rhode Island, and eating …whatever Canadian people eat in Canada? All I know about Canada I learned from Robin on How I Met Your Mother.)

Anyway, every time I go on a trip, I start packing insanely early. Like, sometimes weeks early. I’m one of those weird people who actually enjoys packing. I put on my Ke$ha Pandora station (yes, it exists and yes, it is awesome) and get into the zone. Wanna know my 3 favorite tips for packing for a long trip (I’ll be gone 9 days)? Sure you do.

1)  Roll up the clothes.

Clothes in suitcase

I start every packing session by swearing to myself that I will not take more than 3 dresses. And then, I end up with 11. The end result is that they all get mushed into a pile, then conspire together inside the suitcase while flying under the plane, and discuss ways to make getting dressed every morning a nightmare for me. Such as, “let’s all twist our straps together and then when she tries to pull one of us out of the suitcase, we’ll all come out in a big tangled pile. It’ll be so fun!” So the obvious solution is to thwart their plan by rolling each one tightly and lying it beside the others (which also takes up half as much space and leads to less wrinkles than if you just thrown them in there). Clothing and personal items have a mind of their own, I’m telling you.

If I’ve lost you on this one, luckily it’s time for #2.

2) Wear chunky shoes on the plane.

Boots and  black dress Dress and boots
Boots with white dress Boots and dress

If you’re anything like me, you can’t go on vacation without a pair of boots. Even if I’m vacationing in the desert, there is no cowboy boot left behind. I just love boots. So when I leave California on Friday, I’m sure it will be 105 degrees, but I’m still wearing my boots to the airport so as to avoid taking up 3/4 of precious suitcase space with footwear. The upside to this is that in California, you can wear boots, a sundress, and probably a fur coat and as long as you add giant sunglasses indoors, people think you’re fashionable. Adding a little dog might help as well, but I think those are out now? I think big dogs are all the rage. Where is Winston when I need him?

3) Do not pack every toiletry you have ever owned.

Rain-kissed leaves

I use approximately 30 products to get ready in the morning, it’s true. But even I can admit that it’s not all necessary to take on vacation. I have no shame using the little bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, and whatever else the Hilton (and/or the Super 8 ) wants to stock the bathroom with. That’s what they’re there for. And then you get to smell like rainkissed leaves. Also, a hair dryer is unnecessary because almost all hotel rooms have them too, even if they take so long to dry your hair that you miss breakfast entirely. Sometimes vacation requires sacrifices.

By the way, one time I Googled packing tips and there was one that said, “take only 2-3 pairs of shoes.” Hahahaha.

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  1. Have fun! I also try to wear my bulky stuff on the plane (like jackets!).

  2. I notice those boots don’t dwarf your tiny little legs–where can I get a pair?

  3. Love this!
    In Canada, have some poutine! Its a Canadian dish that is french fries covered in gravy and cheese curds. Sounds gross, but its delish! We travel to Canada to work all the time and my boss made me try it!

  4. I must add though….I like wearing flips flops on the plane (i cant stand wearing shoes on a flight longer than an hour) and stuffing a pair of socks in my carryon, my feet are always cold. I dont love boots as much as you though 🙂 Plus, I can never get them off fast enough at security! lol

  5. as i type, i’m procrastinating from packing! i HATE packing!

  6. Isabelle@cheesymiteapples says:

    Toiletries always weigh me down, I need to make sacrifices here!

  7. One of my packing tips is to plan outfits on a color scheme… say black, white, and shades of pink or neutrals and jewel tones, etc. etc. plan your jewelry, shoes, make-up, accessories, bags, around the color scheme- and voila! so many options and everything matches no matter what 😉

  8. 2-3 pairs of shoes??! Was that pairs per day?? That person must have been a guy…! I usually pack shoes (especially heels) in my bf’s suitcase. He always has room and heels are the hardest to pack around i find! Its a win-win all round 🙂

  9. we share the same affinity for over

  10. I am a horrible last minute packer… like, one a.m. the day I leave. It usually goes okay, except the time I forgot underwear (fortunately I was going to the beach!). But, I’m thinking Ke$ha Pandora will totally, totally change that!

  11. This blog is awesome and cracks me up. And I think they eat flapjacks in canada, ey?

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