Boston and Newport

Rhode Island Sunset

Greetings from Camden, Maine! So far, we’ve been having a great time. Last night we took a sunset sail, which was awesome—I’ll share pictures of that in the next post. But for now, here’s the recap of our weekend!

Friday night, we headed to Newport, Rhode Island, for the evening, where we stumbled on a country music concert at a Naval base (kind of strange, but a lot of fun nonetheless). We saw a gorgeous sunset:

Sunset 2 Newport Sunset

People on the water

And ate some nachos (nachos=the theme throughout the trip so far) and enjoyed the seaside atmosphere.

Backs to the water


Dave skipping rocks

Big building

After we left the Naval base, we headed out, thinking a nice dinner on the water in Newport would be the perfect end to the night—and assuming 4,000 other people on the island didn’t have the same idea, it would have been lovely. Sadly, they did, and we spent at least 20 ravenous minutes attempting to find a place to park, during which I considered chewing off my arm. After all that, and due to the packed nature of every restaurant we passed, our nice seafood dinner on the water turned into Mexican food at The Freaky Burrito. You take what you can get?

We also spent most of dinner frantically searching for hotel rooms on our phones. Between hurricane relief workers and Labor Day tourists, we barely managed to snag the last hotel room in all of Rhode Island or Boston. It was a cute spa type hotel where we roasted marshmallows outside, then ended up at the town’s only bar—which was called Scotty’s Big Dogs and we ate popcorn out of dog bowls (?). This is why you book hotel rooms in advance—who knew?


We were playing pool and some guy hunkered down to watch intently and told Dave to be a “hero instead of a zero.” Dave made the shot and the guy totally took credit for it. Then he wandered off. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

We tried to go to a Red Sox game back in Boston on Sunday. Sadly, we didn’t get tickets, but instead spent the whole time hopping from restaurant to restaurant in Fenway and ordering nachos and cheese fries. I was probably happier with that decision than going to the game. Haha.

Me Dan and Kat

Me and Kat
Last night, we went to dinner where we decided to try some raw oysters (most of us for the first time). I’m up for anything, but one of my friends described what happens when you eat it as “sliming down your throat,” so I didn’t have high hopes. I piled a bunch of cocktail sauce on it and went for it. It did, in fact, slime down my throat but just tasted like coctktail sauce. Unlike Dave’s raw clam, which he described as tasting like “taking a bite out of the side of a giant sea bass fresh from the ocean.” He was completely and totally horrified by it. Then he ate the rest of my macaroni and cheese.

This restaurant was a little on the sophisticated side for us.

Oysters Me and Oyster
Me and Oyster Me and Oyster

As you can see, I was pretty squeamish about the entire oyster situation. But at least now I can say I tried one. 😉

ll be back with Part 2 of our adventures soon! Have a great Tuesday!

Me and Dave

Boston, Newport, road trip



  1. It looks like such a fun trip so far. I miss and love boston so much. And I’ve also been to Newport once and all the mansions and beaches are just gorgeous! Glad your having a great experience on the east coast!!

  2. Casey- I am absolutely hooked on your blog. I love the way you write and your photos are just beautiful. I’ve always wanted to go to Maine and reading about your adventures makes me want to go even more. I must say my favorite blog was the one where you lost your debit card. As your mom says “that’s so like Casey”. All I could do while reading it was laugh. Thanks for bringing some “sunshine” to me!

  3. I love Boston but I haven’t been there in forever! It looks like you had such a fun time!

  4. Isabelle@cheesymiteapples says:

    I’m so jealous this trip looks and sounds gorgeous!
    lol I love oysters I could down a dozen with no issues 🙂

  5. Haha–I think I’ve seen you make all of those oyster faces before! Probably (most likely) while doing shots! 🙂

    PS–your hair is getting so long!


  1. […] were other people like us who had no idea what Vermont has to offer except free ice cream). We ate more nachos and more pizza. It was […]

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