Sunset Sail


On Monday night we ended up in Camden, Maine, just in time for a “sunset” sail. There was no sunset—that tends to happen when there is no sun—but I loved it. It felt Halloweeny (you totally use that word too, right?) out on the water. Everything about fall and Halloween makes me happy, so it worked out perfectly (for me at least—I’m not sure everyone shares my obsession.) 🙂

Clouds for blog

We were on an 86-foot sailboat—pretty impressive when you’ve never been on a sailboat of any size.

Sailboat Dark clouds

Ahoy, Matey! (You can pop out any time, Johnny Depp. I don’t mind.)

Our guide climbed up the rigging partly just to freak us out I think (under the pretense of taking our picture—my camera made the journey up there too—I almost had a heart attack). He was definitely part monkey.

Guy on rigging

Us on boat

(There was alcohol on board, and i think the crew were just handing it out from their private stash. Not a bad arrangement by any means.)

Shipyard is a local Maine brewing company, which is primarily awesome because of its fun labels.

Beer for blog


We sailed for about two hours, and when we docked again, the view was absolutely gorgeous.

Boat at night Big boat

Boats at night
I highly recommend the sunset sail (this was in Camden, Maine, with the Schooner Company). We didn’t run into Johnny Depp, but I decided if you squinted and turned your head to the left, our guide was a perfectly acceptable substitute.

The next morning, it was raining again in Camden, but it cleared up a little in the afternoon so we could see more fun sights. This was an outlook point where we pretended to be back in Ireland (ok, maybe that was just me.)

Dave and tower for blog

Me and Dave

Then we headed to a harbor where there were live lobsters for sale (sad—I couldn’t look at them) and dead fish EVERYWHERE. I almost lost my lunch. It was so gross. The smell was overpowering. We (me) might have mentioned that and one of the guys working there said, “Smells like money!” To each their own. But, EW.

The view was great though!

Black and white harbor for blog Shipyard bar

Then we stumbled on something awesome: the lighthouse from Forrest Gump—when he runs from one coast to the other (Run, Forrest, Run!), this was where he started. Cool, huh?


It was so pretty!


I don’t even really remember that scene from the movie. I pretended I did. But I thought the whole thing was pretty cool anyway.

We then drove on to Portland, Maine (I think it just sounds like a romantic city!), where we asked our cab driver every question that has ever existed about Portland. I’m sure he was ready to kick us out by the end of the drive. But he did recommend a fun destination for the evening’s activities—karaoke!


We pretty much made sure to be the first people there, then obnoxiously hogged the microphone for a good chunk of the night. Fantastic strategy. I figured you can’t go wrong with the Dixie Chicks.

Me singing

Goodbye, Earl! See you from Canada!

Sailing, Camden Maine



  1. You’re rockin’ that mic! 🙂 How is it that you guys are always, ALWAYS doing fun things? Wanna trade lives? 🙂

    • Haha if it helps Steph—I am obsessed with your cute house and how you have people over and play hostess! I want a house so much! Right now it’s in the “someday” category and I would prefer it be in the “now” category! So I might be up for trading lives. 🙂

  2. I grew up on the ocean in Massachusetts and I can’t stand the smell of fish either! I’ll eat mild tasting fish, but anything too fishy grosses me out. Although I do love the smell of the ocean. And portland is such a fun city! You wouldn’t expect that in Maine, but there is lots to do there. Looks like a fun few days!

  3. TAKE ME WITH YOU!! hehe. i’ve never been sailing but i know its something i must do, so beautiful and peaceful ❤


  4. Isabelle@cheesymiteapples says:

    Sailing and a bit of booze you can’t go wrong here 🙂
    Lovely images as usual!


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