Quebec City and Montreal

Quebec City

When I left off with my last post, we were sailing around Maine searching for cute pirates (well, some of us were. Definitely not me, of course.) Now we’re in Canada, and I have to say, Quebec City is one of the cutest, most charming places I’ve been in my life.

For a day or so, I was pretty convinced I was living inside Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, minus talking candlesticks but plus fun little shops. That’s a trade up in my opinion. 🙂

Before we drove into Quebec, AKA Paris (it really looks like Paris apparently!) we drove by this beautiful field that made me want to roam around the English Moors, restless and brooding about something.



It was gorgeous in person. It’s harder to convey in photos, but it was a lovely moment where time just seemed to stop while gazing over the fields. The sky kept getting darker—maybe a storm was rolling in. The wind was crazy.


We hopped back in the car and headed to our hotel, after a minor snafu in customs (by minor, I mean that they pulled us over at the border, ordered us to drive into a garage, closed the garage door, and searched all of our luggage and checked out our entire car—I guess for drugs/firearms?).

They didn’t do that to any other cars that were allowed to whiz by. I don’t know what we did to look so suspicious, but we didn’t make ourselves look any less shady by practically leaping for the door when the garage door started to go down (again—perhaps that wasn’t every member of the group. It was a possibility that only I was so scared I was about to make a break for the border, bag of cheesy potato stix in tow.)

Anyway, long story short, they decided we weren’t scum of the earth criminals and to let us into Canada. Whew. It was a relief, because a whole ‘nother world (am I getting my Disney movies mixed up?) was waiting for us! The outside of our Quebec City hotel was adorned with cascading flowers:

Hotel flowers

Lovely. 🙂 Side note: people in Canada are so nice!! I feel like they’re giving us Midwesterners a run for our money. Everyone has been so polite, even the guards at the border (who managed to be simultaneously charming and terrifying, in some mystifying Canadian way.)

The town of Quebec City did its best to charm us.  It was the most warm, inviting, clean city I’ve ever seen!

Quebec City

Think rolling hills, cheery faces, ferry boats and accents galore. I am such a sucker for a good accent.

It got even more beautiful at night. We took a ferry across the water to the other side of the city, and it was a gorgeous 10-minute ride.

LIghthouse and dark sky


If that’s not a castle, I’m making absolutely no effort to look up what it actually is, because I would rather continue believing that it is a castle. Perhaps Belle (AKA Beauty) lives there, just waiting for her beast/prince? I’m pretty sure this is the case. I might move in with her and wander the streets, buying fresh bread and singing merry songs in my swingy yellow dress, occasionally conversing with the talking furniture.

Look—it gets even prettier at night! This is why castles are amazing. (Definitely a castle, don’t you think?)

Quebec hotel

Quebec coastline at night

Quebec coastline at night

When we came back to our side of the enchanted little town of Quebec City after the ferry ride, the streets were still inviting and lovely.

Quebec streets at night Streets at night

Night streets

I suddenly love everything about Canada. Especially moose (mooses? meese? moosie?). I haven’t seen one yet, but I’m pretty confident they’re lurking around every street corner, ready to pop out and laugh at silly Americans who are wandering around Canada just waiting for a moose sighting.

Because I was very into those hotel flowers, here is the view of them at night:

Hotel flowers at night

Yep, I still really like them. 🙂

A bit later, we decided to the check out the local nightlife. We headed to a fun, lively restaurant where our waitress informed us that she is French Canadian, and she only speaks such good English because she was allowed to go to American school here in Quebec—a privilege only granted if one of your parents is from outside of Quebec province (such as Toronto or the United States). This is because the city wants to preserve the French Canadian presence and culture as long as possible. It makes sense to me, and I love it for its charm, but our waitress didn’t seem to care for this tradition. I thought that was pretty interesting.

Anyway, the club scene in Quebec City is hopping!

Dance floor

There was plenty of grooving going on in this place—mostly to American club type hits, but to some completely random music that I assume to be Canadian booty-shaking fare.

We woke up on Thursday and headed out to see a waterfall that is apparently taller than Niagra Falls. I haven’t seen Niagra Falls, but this one was really pretty. There were rainbows everywhere!

Waterfall and mist

That’s basically just steam coming off the bottom of the waterfall. Another rainbow:

Waterfalll and Rainbow

And my favorite picture from the waterfall visit—I am convinced this is the staircase that was in the movie version of Mamma Mia. Ok, maybe not really, but doesn’t it look just like it?!

Mamma Mia staircase

We didn’t climb those steps. No desire to do that at all. 🙂

Have a great weekend—I’ll be back soon to share some photos from Montreal and our last day from Boston!

Quebec City, Montreal, Canada



  1. ahh your trip is sounding like SO much fun. I’ve only been to montreal, but it was also completely adorable and reminded me of Europe a lot. Your photos are all gorgeous, and especially of that castle wow!

  2. The castle is le Château Frontenac. It’s the Fairmont hotel. 🙂

  3. LOL on the accents Case – we went to Canada on vacay before Freshman year and I changed from Spanish to French for my foreign language because of a hot tour guide with a French accent. What a huge mistake! I’m glad you guys are having so much fun though!

  4. I’m visiting a friend in Montreal next month, and this post just got me extra excited for the trip – looks amazing!

  5. Isabelle@cheesymiteapples says:

    Quebec looks absolutely gorgeous 🙂 wow your having a fantastic time on this trip!

  6. What a beautiful trip!!! 🙂
    Living in “The Beauty & the Beast”… that’s too funny! 🙂 Your pictures are beautiful! WOW!

  7. So beautiful. I recently was in Quebec City to run a half Marathon. We have the exact same photos from those stairs, when you go into the cute shopping area. Stunning photo op.

    Our hotel reservation was over-booked for some reason, and the Delta upgraded my family to stay in the Chateau Frontenac. It was one of the most beautiful hotels I’ve ever stayed in.


  1. […] am somewhat in denial that at this moment, I’m not strolling the idyllic streets of Quebec as the sun sets, or sipping wine while on a windy evening sail in Maine. What am I doing is yawning repeatedly […]

  2. […] night, I was somewhat in denial that I wasn’t strolling the idyllic streets of Quebec as the sun set, or sipping wine while on a windy evening sail in Maine. What I was doing was yawning repeatedly […]

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