Cheesy Pepperoni Bread

Pepperoni bread

Last night, I was somewhat in denial that I wasn’t strolling the idyllic streets of Quebec as the sun set, or sipping wine while on a windy evening sail in Maine. What I was doing was yawning repeatedly after working all day and trying to find the Kardashians on TV (they eluded me). Ah, normal life.

I forgot that this work thing isn’t nearly as much fun as that vacation thing. New life goal: get a job as a travel photographer and just wander around from country to country, sampling local food and taking photos of local food (oh and scenery, of course). I’m only half kidding.

Anyway, to console myself I made cheesy, gooey, yummy pepperoni bread for dinner last night (that’s its technical name). If I can’t have fresh New England seafood, this isn’t a bad substitute. It was delicious!

Pepperoni bread Pepperoni bread 6 for blog

(See my Cheers glass from Boston? I don’t even watch the show. I’m just a total sucker for souvenirs. I also bought a coffee mug and a cocktail glass. Those people loved me.)

This bread is a great substitute to homemade pizza and just as easy! It almost looks like breadsticks but tastes gooier. And cheesier.

Pepperoni bread

See the little cheese pockets? Cheese pockets should be mandatory in all food items forever.

It’s a rule that you must smother the bread in Ranch dressing before eating. That’s an Indiana law. If you don’t, you are not allowed to make it. Simple, really. (Marinara is good, too. Mixing both together is not out of the realm.)

Oh, and if you are concerned about this not being a health food, see the green blob below that completely sucks all the unhealthfulness from the bread. Serve any meal with salad and it’s definitely a negative-calorie dinner.

Pepperoni bread 2 for blog

You can find the recipe for this bread here. I didn’t make any changes, except I shredded fresh cheese. I cut the mozzarella into chunks because I was too lazy to shred anymore after the Parmesan I wanted bigger pieces of cheese. (I try to always use fresh Parmesan and mozzarella instead of bagged stuff—it really does taste better.)

Pepperoni bread

Enjoy! 🙂

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  1. I just about die thinking about marinara and cheesy bread… or any bread for that matter! Beautiful pictures!!!

  2. I almost fell out of my chair laughing when you said “see that green blob, it takes all of the unhealthfulness out of the bread”. Awesome!

  3. That looks delicious! I’m in college right now, and I am actually trying to do the whole travel journalism thing! Print Journalism major here I come! Am I crazy? Probably. But I can’t go down without a good fight. 🙂

  4. Gah this looks amazing! I love pepperoni pizza, it’s my favorite! I’ll have to try this.

  5. This looks heavenly! ….I totally think you could find someone to pay you to travel and take pictures, go for it!!!! Your photos are out of this world!!!! Bread with ranch 🙂 mmmm!

  6. glad to of found your blog. We are not to far in distance from each other. Well, from my work, that is (I’m in Duarte).

    Anyhow… I am really very hungry now. 😉

  7. Um well that just looks amazing! I agree with everything you wrote about cheese and ranch and marinara, haha!

  8. wow this looks dangerous, delicious the photos left me with a wide open mouth!! Holly pepperoni goodness!

  9. Wait, you MADE that?? It looks professional! I’m impressed. I’m a vegetarian and even that makes me want pepperoni bread! 🙂

  10. My mouth is watering! That bread looks deeelicious. I love food that you have to cover in marinara sauce!!

  11. Oh yum–my boyfriend would be obsessed with this!

  12. Wow. There are no words for how good this looks 🙂

  13. W o w. That looks so delicious! I need to eat some carbs before my half on Sunday – I choose that bread!

  14. Thanks for this data I has been checking all Yahoo to be able to discover it!

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