Weekend Things

LA State Fair

1. I got pulled over for allegedly running a “red light.” (It was yellow.) Let’s just say, I might be headed to traffic school to avoid paying the monstrosity of a ticket. The ticket reads, and I quote, “The base fine for each violation will be between $20 and $100. However, the State of California imposes additional fines and assessments which result in a total fine that can be more than 4 to 7 times the base bail.” Um…yeah. You do the math. Really, California, must you use me to fix your entire state budget problem?

2. Yesterday, I was walking down the street in Pasadena, and some guy stopped me and said, “Hey, are you famous?” and I said “No,” and he said, “I don’t know, I’m from Texas!” (Must have been my big sunglasses.) Then he and the entire rest of his University of Texas T-shirt wearing group wandered off, presumably to find famous people.

If I haven’t any famous people in Pasadena yet, Dude, you’re definitely not going to.

3. We went to the L.A. County Fair last night, where I ate fried frog legs, a fried Klondike bar, a funnel cake, and a corn dog that was at least two feet long.

What’s that? Oh, no my stomach feels totally fine today, thanks for asking.

Fair photos!

County Fair

Shoppers at Fair

Ferris Wheel Lamp post

Frog legs! (They do taste like chicken.)

Dave and Frog Legs for blog

I did not see any stars eating these hot dogs.

Hot dog to the stars

View from the Ferris Wheel

And finally …

Caricature for blog

Doesn’t it look just like us?! What looks like a pig face sticking out of my arm there, by the way, is actually a stuffed dog I won all by myself at the water-shooting game (his name is Rufus). Victory! I love county fairs!

This morning, we are getting ready to head down to the Rose Bowl and check out the tailgating scene at the UCLA/Texas game. I’m going to wear my big sunglasses just in case I run into my Texas friend from yesterday and can perhaps trick him into thinking I’m a soap opera star. And I plan to stay away from fried foods.  🙂

Happy Saturday!

L.A. County Fair



  1. i’m about to go right now to the fair! unfortunately i have a sex scene to film tomorrow so i won’t be partaking too much in the fried stuff…

  2. your an adventurous eater! I can’t say I would ever try such a thing. I love that arial shot of the fair, it’s gorgeous. We tried going to the county fair last weekend but it ended up raining. They look like a ton of fun.

  3. Haha about the Texan! I had a weirdo run-in in Pasadena the other day, too.

  4. I went to the San Diego fair when visiting California once and it blew my mind, it was huge, and I too ate a foot long corn dog and fried oreos (not as good as they sound)! Congrats on winning Rufus, I am really good at whack a mole style games and get so excited when I win:)

  5. I love fairs! What would they be without greasy, fried delicious food?!

  6. We just got back from the fair, too. The margaritas were yummy. While we didn’t gorge on frog legs or fried Klondike bars…we did stuff ourselves with a bloomin’ onion and carne asada tacos.

    Great pics! I got some good ones of the dinosaurs and the ferris wheel, but they’re up on Instagram.


  1. […] This weekend, after eating as much fried food as two people are capable of taking down in two hours, Dave and I discussed how to make the yummiest cookie ever. His contributions were “bacon, peanut butter and cookie dough.” Classic male thinking. But cookie dough inside the cookie? I thought about that one long and hard and it was making my head hurt, so I ditched that part of the concept. But the peanut butter and bacon made the cut. […]

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