Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies With Peanut Butter and Bacon


I know the name of these cookies is a mouthful…but I promise it’s a yummy one!

This weekend, after eating as much fried food as two people are capable of taking down in two hours, Dave and I discussed how to make the yummiest cookie ever. His contributions were “bacon, peanut butter and cookie dough.” Classic male thinking. But cookie dough inside the cookie? I thought about that one long and hard and it was making my head hurt, so I ditched that part of the concept. But the peanut butter and bacon made the cut. 🙂

The base cookie is made with vanilla pudding, which makes them fluffy and crumbly instead of flat. It’s my grandmother’s secret recipe (only it’s not secret, it’s published in our family cookbook. But, it’s fun to pretend it’s secret.)

Now it’s even less secret—because, here you go!

Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies (with peanut butter and bacon)


–2 1/4 C flour
–1 tsp baking soda
–1/2 C margarine
–1/2 C shortening (don’t leave this out and don’t sub butter! The shortening helps with their fluffy texture)
–1/4 C granulated sugar
–3/4 C light brown sugar
–1 pkg vanilla instant pudding (4 oz serving size) (also do not leave out to maintain said fluffiness)
–1 tsp vanilla
–2 eggs
–12 oz chocolate chips
–1 C chopped nuts (I left these out this time in lieu of 1/2 C peanut butter AND BACON)

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Mix flour with baking soda. Combine butter, shortening, sugars, pudding mix and vanilla in large mixer bowl (and 1/2 C peanut butter, if using). Beat until smooth and creamy. Beat in eggs. Gradually add flour, then stir in chips and nuts (and bacon, if using—I recommend 8-10 pieces, cooked and crumbled—go big or go home, right?). Batter will be stiff. Bake at 375 for 8 to 10 minutes. Makes about 7 dozen.

Cookies 4 for blog

Cookies 2 for blog

The bacon was a fantastic addition. When Dave mentioned it on Saturday, I said, “You know bacon in cookies is a thing, right? It’s pretty popular right now.” He thought he had invented the bacon-in-cookies concept. Not so, but I can keep working on that cookie-dough-in-the-cookie conundrum.

So does anyone know:

A) How the heck the cookie dough balls don’t bake right along with the cookies (?)

B) A cookie dough recipe without raw egg (?)

Thoughts? I’m determined to create this cookie dough cookie. It will happen. Maybe I’ll even stuff some CHOCOLATE-COVERED BACON in them.

In the meantime, enjoy Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies With Peanut Butter And Bacon-induced bliss. 🙂

In other news (there was sadly no way to segue gracefully) I stumbled on a movie premier red carpet last night! It was for the new Anna Faris and Chris Evans movie. I’ll share pics later this week!

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  1. These look incredible… really incredible…

  2. If you sandwich some (vegan) cookie dough between two of those cookies for a cookie dough cookie sandwich! Problem solved.
    My friend made me bacon cupcakes for my birthday because I’m obsessed with bacon so much! These look amazinggggggg!!

  3. Isabelle@cheesymiteapples says:

    I’ve never tried bacon in cookies before! Your cookies look amazing 🙂

  4. Um. DROOL. So many amazing things in one freakin’ cookie. Love it!

  5. bacon in cookies?!? Haha I have never heard of this concept! Although those look delicious! I am in serious need of some cookie dough…

  6. Bacon in cookies? What is this awesome madness?!

  7. My friend substitutes applesauce for cookie dough all the time, because she likes to eat it raw. It seems to work pretty well!

  8. Oh my goodness! Just the title makes my mouth water! I’m going to definitely give these a try sometime, if I can resist eating the bacon before I get it in the cookies!

  9. Those look delicious. I love the idea of using pudding mix. This link has been in my list of things to make… thought I’d pass it along.

  10. you are an evil genius and I want to make out with you.

  11. Paula Deen makes a cookie dough truffle using sweeten condensed milk. Never tried it…but it looks good:

  12. i can unfortunately not answer either of your questions, but hope that if someone does and you figure it out you alert me ASAP! i’d imagine if you used something like a vegan ener-g egg replacer you could have no raw egg in cookie dough…but i don’t know how that stuff works so i definitely can’t say for sure

  13. Mmm…bacon! Looks delish! I made LOTS of cookies today, called Ranger cookies. I WISH they’d had bacon now, HAHA!

  14. These look unbelievably delicious!


    This is a delicious candy that I get on a semi-regular basis from my local video store for our movie nights. There are recipes that involve baking with these cookie dough bites inside, so I’m thinking they may hold up shape inside of a cookie. Worth a shot, yeah?

  16. Im so glad I looked through your historical posts and found this!! I have NO idea how I would make it ‘real foods’ friendly … but I might need to leave that idea on the backburner to make them!!!!!


  1. […] … that was probably the highlight of my week. Unless you count making bacon-filled chocolate chip cookies or downloading a bunch of new running songs. Do not underestimate the power of running songs. If I […]

  2. Of all the benefits that virtue confers upon us, the contempt of death is one of the greatest….

    One may be humble out of pride….

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