Running Playlist and Red Carpet Premier

Premier for blog 4

Remember earlier this week when I said I “went to” a red carpet premier? Since I only moved to Pasadena three months ago, I am still enamored with all things celebrity (it’s highly possible this will still be the case three more months from now). Anyway, I was getting my hair cut in Westwood, CA, and as I was driving around cursing the entire state of California for its outrageous lack of functional parking lots, I saw a red carpet. Parking lot grumpiness forgotten.

I managed to park, got my my hair cut, headed outside and joined the crowd on the street next to the red carpet. Several things should be noted about this premier. They are, in no particular order:

1.) This was either the worst crowd of celebrity stalkers I have ever seen, or the worst crowd of celebrities I have ever seen. I kept saying, “Who is that?!” and everyone around me said, “I have no idea.”

2.) I did, however, see and recognize Anna Faris (who stars in the movie—it’s called What’s Your Number?) and Blythe Danner. I took pictures of their backsides. Come on guys, you could have turned around just once.

3.) It was cold out. And late. I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, my phone died while I was there, and dinner burned in the crockpot after being left on for 5+ hours. But I saw a red carpet event, so totally worth it?

Some more pics! I apologize for the poor quality; they’re I-didn’t-think-I-would-need-my-fancy-camera-for-a-haircut phone pics. Lesson learned. (If you’re not interested in move premiers, read on for my current running playlist. If you’re not interested in that either, you’re out of luck for this post. ;))



Premier  Premier


Premier    Premier

That’s Anna Faris, above on the left. On the right is Blythe Danner. They were pretty and skinny. No way, right?!

So … that was probably the highlight of my week. Unless you count making bacon-filled chocolate chip cookies or downloading a bunch of new running songs. Do not underestimate the power of running songs. If I don’t have a fast-paced soundtrack while I’m running, one of two things will happen:

A) I will zone out, get sleepy, and fall off the treadmill.

B) I will get bored and annoyed, start messing with my iPod to find different songs, lose concentration and fall off the treadmill.

So you can see why good music is of great importance.

Here are my current faves:


Yep, there is a lot of pop and some Miley Cyrus. What can I say? The 14-year-olds know where it’s at.

The last six songs on the list I just downloaded this week. Some of them are a little slower than I prefer for running, but are perfect for fast walking/the elliptical/etc. My top two faves for running right now—and that means I play them until my iPod wants to run away screaming—are “You Make Me Feel” by Cobra Starship and “Where Them Girls At” by David Guetta. (If you’re looking for inspiring lyrics, don’t look there. Hehe.)

What are your favorite fast-paced workout songs? I can always use new inspiration!

Other noteworthy news this week: I made a pumpkin face mask and not only did it hold together like it’s supposed to (I am the WORST at homemade beauty stuff—it always falls apart, clumps, or smells totally strange), it worked! Pumpkin is supposed to be really good for your skin. Anyway, here’s the link if you’re interested. Pumpkin: not just for pie anymore!

Speaking of pumpkin. Stay tuned tomorrow for another fun use! 🙂



  1. 1. I would LOVE to see a red carpet celebrity event. Total coolness. But….I would want to see one of my favorite actors.
    2. Your running playlist looks a lot like mine…..though I have more male singers and more rock songs.
    3. Does it feel wierd to you to put Toby Mac and Gaga on the same playlist? Because I totally do that. 🙂 When I see them on my list I think, these are two vastly different people. Ha! But hey, good music is good music.
    4. I love running to Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO. And Pain by Three Days Grace…though you may not like that song. It is kinda “hard” for some people. But I think the lyrics are so perfect (and even comical) when you’re trying to push yourself.
    5. We do not have the same Toby Mac songs. I like Ignition, Feeling So Fly, Boomin, Catchafire, and a few others. They are great runnning songs.
    6. Love this post!

    • Oh awesome—thank you for the recommendations! And yes to number 3. Haha. But I agree—good music is good music. 🙂

      Yeah on number 1—would have been so much cooler if Jon Hamm or Alec Baldwin had wandered down the red carpet. Would have made my year!

  2. I went to a couple movie premiers when I lived in LA (my roommate was a day care teacher for Sony Pictures, so she got tickets occasionally to actually attend the movies!), and it was super fun, even though the movies I got to go to with her were not the BIG movies. It is kinda fun to see the red carpet & limos and celebs, though!

    Parking did suck in West LA, but everywhere worth going has valet, right? 🙂

  3. Wow this is awesome… I have never been to anything like this! If I ever see a celebrity, I know I am going to act like a blubbering fool… like a typical fan! haha

  4. I love all things celebrity 🙂 I would’ve taken pics too 🙂

  5. Isabelle@cheesymiteapples says:

    Red carpet movie premiere that would have been a pretty cool experience. Miley Cyrus is on my playlist too along with lots of alternative rock 🙂

  6. I would be the worst celebrity stalker ever. I can’t put a name and face together for the life of me. Or I’d only know their characters name… Yeah, I’m a loser like that with celebrities so I might have fit right in with that crowd!

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