Five on Friday

Bundt cake

1.) I made a caramel apple cake the other night. There is no recipe because it involved Duncan Hines and his magical ways (shh, don’t tell). But I tried to make it look homemade-ish by baking it in a bundt cake pan and drizzling it with (also un-homemade) vanilla glaze. It had apples and caramel and lots and lots of sugar. Mmm. I highly recommend it. You should make it too.

Bundt cake

2.) There was a mouse in our kitchen yesterday. I don’t consider myself too much of a baby about bugs and spiders, but I CANNOT.HANDLE. mice. Here’s what happened: I was in the kitchen looking for a snack, and I heard a noise. Just a tiny little noise. And just like that, I knew. I turned slowly and threw a peanut in the direction of the noise. Nothing happened, so I threw more peanuts. Then it happened.

I saw a little streak go past me, and as I turned, a little tail disappeared up into the cabinets. I screamed, closed the kitchen door (yes, we have a kitchen door) and ran into the bedroom and jumped up onto the chair. I texted Dave, whose text reply was decidedly less hysterical. It said I should just get a mouse trap and it would be ok.  Smiley face.

Now tell me, what part of “there’s a mouse in the kitchen” constitutes a smiley face?

The moral of the story is, it really wasn’t THAT bad. I got a mouse trap and now the mouse is gone. And I’m sad for it. 😦 At least it got to eat a peanut—one was missing. Good job, little guy. Smiley face.

{No mouse picture, because, ew.}

3.) I took these pictures last week in Pasadena when the sun was just setting. Sometimes, the sunsets out here are completely gorgeous and this was one of them. I laid down to get a few shots and my backside looked like I went leaf-pile-jumping for a couple of hours (Autumn!!!) when I stood up, but even that was kind of nice. These were taken above the path that leads down to the Rose Bowl.

Pasadena Sky

Pasadena Sky Pasadena Sky

Pasadena Sky

4.) We may or may not be going wine tasting again this weekend. In Temecula, which is Southern California’s “Wine Country.” What? When in Rome …

5.) If you’re not on Pinterest yet, there is probably a void in your life. For the record, it took about a week of me saying, “But what am I supposed to DO on this site?” and randomly clicking things then not knowing why or where they went after I clicked. But one day, it just “clicked,” (ha, ha) and I’m completely hooked. It’s basically just looking at pretty/fun/tasty/funny/good idea stuff, then making big old  wish lists. It’s like a little happy place you can go for a few minutes (or a few hours…what?). Here are some of my favorite things I “pinned” this week:

This image made me giggle out loud. Also, the name of the Web site is making me giggle again as I type this. It’s basically funny text messages from parents. (Warning: if you go to the site, some of them are … less than wholesome.)

Fun Pinterest

This picture is amazing.  Who even saw that through this wine glass?! I’m absolutely in love with this photo.

Wine glass

Next up: Halloween ideas!

I’m not exactly the type of person that brings vegetables to a party. Or that eats vegetables at a party, come to think of it. I’d rather bring these. But if you are that type of person, is this not the cutest little veggie pumpkin you’ve ever seen? (Or the only little veggie pumpkin you’ve ever seen?)


And this is pretty much genius. If I had a baby, it would definitely be thrown in the lobster pot for Halloween. No shame in baby exploitation.

Lobster baby



Enough said.

And my fave thing I pinned this week:


This sandwich looks like a work of art. Mine would probably look like a work of a five-year-old. But I’m sure it will still taste awesome! It’s going on the menu for next week. Here’s the link for it!

Happy Friday! 🙂

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  1. This week I’ve read so many posts about pinterest, but I won’t allow myself to sign up! I know it will be a huge timesuck for me, which I really can’t afford haha. Do you ever use stumbleupon too? I used to be addicted to that! That last picture of the sky is unreal… you should get a print of that, it would make for gorgeous art on a wall!

  2. I am also in love with Pinterest. Amen. Smiley face.

  3. Cute shoes… I’d pin that!! =P

    Nice pictures… literally just outside of where I work.

  4. Your pictures are always so glorious, they never cease to impress me 🙂

  5. Ha! Funny story about the mouse. I try to catch them but most of the time they are too fast and it ticks me off and I use a trap. I feel so sad for the little mouse though.

  6. ahaha the text messages made me crack up! And, that cake looks uhmazing.

  7. kaliesthoughts says:

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww mice

  8. Love this post!

    Yes, pintrest is totally addicting!

  9. Dude…
    I totally have a Pinterest draft in my Live Writer program!!! I have all these pins that I must share!!! lol
    I tell you this so you won’t think I copied your blog post when I post it.:-)
    And, yes….Pinterest fills voids.

    Your mom sounds awesome. 🙂 major lol’s.

    I really love your blog.

    • Haha I believe you. 🙂 The “Pinterest Blog Post” thing is making the rounds! Can’t wait to read it!

      Thank you 🙂

  10. Isabelle@cheesymiteapples says:

    Cake looks gorgeous 🙂
    I can’t handle mice either…makes me want to jump out of my skin!

  11. Those sunset pictures are so amazing! LA sunsets are seriously so beautiful. I never see sunsets like these in Norcal!

  12. 1. the cake looks amazing
    2. I had the same reaction when I had mice in my dorm room several times. No one else thought it was a big deal nor did they come and help me.
    3. Check out 🙂 you’re welcome

  13. That wine glass picture is STUNNING! Some people have such talent, its amazing.

    I hope you get to go wine tasting again this weekend! I went for the first time two weeks ago and it was so much fun!

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