Back Home Again …

.Fire Pit

Hi from Indiana!

Those are my toes, hanging out outside in the 80-degree weather. I guess I can’t complain, because the weather has been gorgeous. Even if a little warm, it’s still very fall-like. My parents have a fire pit in their backyard, and I like  to sit around beside it and pretend I’m camping. S’mores help.


So do fun little plastic glasses.

Candle for blog

I keep looking around and admiring all the flat space outside. It’s only been a few months, but I’m already used to looking in every direction and seeing the mountains. I kind of miss them. 😉 It would be nice to have a big, pretty backyard where I could string lights though—like my parents’.


Look who we picked up from daycare yesterday! (We had houseguests, and houseguests tend to enjoy their time more without 75-pound dogs who are convinced they are actually 15-pound lap dogs trying to crawl into their laps. So Riley was banned to the kennel while they were here.)


Doesn’t he look dignified and handsome? He got a good dog award at the kennel for being a sweetheart and then he got a bandana. And yesterday he even did his business in the yard instead of his usual fave spot, directly on the patio. Who is this imposter and where did they put Riley? I have a feeling the real one is on his way to California with a tag on his neck that reads “Special Delivery for Casey.”


I'm too sexy for my bandana. Too sexy.

They had this cute display out in front of the doggie kennel. I wanted to buy a pumpkin, but Riley had other ideas, such as ripping my shoulder out of its socket.


Our flight got in at 3:30am Thursday morning due to weather delays, so I spent Friday wandering around feeling jet-lagged/tired. Saturday morning, I felt a lot better, so I got up and went for a run on my favorite trail. I’ve been running mostly at the gym in Pasadena, so it felt great to get outside for a bit. (I’m just a scaredy cat and only run on super populated trails alone, which this one definitely is.)

The drive to the trail was so pretty!

Fall leaves

So was the running trail.

Monon Trail

I don’t know why the leaves look so green here—I thought they were orange and red when I was running. Maybe I should have had more water halfway in. It’s possible I was seeing mirages.

The rest of the weekend was spent at a beautiful wedding for a close friend, and relaxing with family. It’s been great to be home.

Tonight, I’m going over to a friend’s for dinner and am making a fun dessert—I’ll be back soon to share the recipe. 🙂



  1. So pretty! Love your pictures. Fall is definitely here 🙂

  2. I love the lights in the backyard. I want to put those up ASAP.

  3. Enjoy your time at home. So jealous your parents have a fire pit. I wonder if my landlord would allow me to have one in my small NYC apt 🙂

  4. Fall is certainly here… enjoy your time at home! That fire pit looks like somewhere I would want to hang out 🙂

  5. Isabelle@cheesymiteapples says:

    Glad you were able to enjoy being back home with your family 🙂

  6. That running trail looks so peaceful

  7. what an adorable puppers!! we always borrow my in laws fire pit when we have a party and do smores. we have been planning on buying our own, but they live down the street, so its so easy to just snatch theirs for the night!

  8. Pretty pictures! And this is totally random, but our dog, Oreo, does his business on the patio too! I’m not sure why. I thought dogs were supposed to WANT to go in the grass? So weird…

  9. Such a cute pup! He’s adorable!

  10. Indiana looks beautiful (and I think your photos also help!)… I’d so so love to do a road trip across the states!!!

  11. That fire pit looks like so much fun- I want one!! And I love your cute dog, Riley- adorable! 🙂

  12. Our MA leaves are finally in full color-change mode…I wish the color stayed through the winter :-/ I feel like I miss the color as much as the sun during the cold months!

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