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This past weekend, we moved into a new apartment!

Moving involved professional movers. When you’re lugging (or supervising; it’s all the same, really) heavy furniture down three flights of stairs and then up two more, it’s just a good idea.

So above is our kitchen! I love the color of the cabinets and the checkerboard floor. And my IKEA wine rack, naturally. In case you’re in the extreme Christmas spirit like me (and eyeing the Bieber Christmas cd, cough cough), here are the wines I stocked it with, from World Market:

Christmas wine

These are “reindeer” bottles. I’m not even sure what they taste like, but I buy them every year for display purposes. They will likely meet a happy uncorking fate on New Year’s Eve, but until then, they are getting us in the holiday spirit.


Blog 4

Cute, huh?

The kitchen might be my favorite room of the apartment.


(I’m excited all out of proportion about having a real oven. But when you go six months without one, that’s normal, right?)

Moving on to the living room:

Living Room

There is a hefty space above the couch just waiting for some amazing work of art. Unfortunately, we haven’t figured out what that is yet, so I’m trying not to let the empty space drive me crazy. It’s not working too well. I just try not to look at it. 😉 (We got the couch on Craigslist. I was scared. But sometimes Craigslist works out … I love it!)

I do like looking at the pillows:


So, these were kiiind of a splurge from Pier 1 Imports. Pillows are not cheap, did you know this? But sometimes sparkles are just worth it, right Dave? (Dave hasn’t seen the sparkle pillows yet. Surprise Dave! All boys love sparkles … right?)

And this little bamboo tray on the ottoman from Target is one of my favorite things too:


It holds super important stuff, like the head scratcher/massager that I have become mildly obsessed with. I think it was a Black Friday purchase last year for like $3. I’m telling you—I enjoy the whole 5:00am thing on Black Friday way more than anyone should. Hey, it’s only one day a year! Christmas Shopping is serious business. (And yes, sometimes on that day I buy stuff for myself. I know you do too.)

(See that fake tree in the background? I have a feeling it has a short-lived life in the living room, due to Dave’s heartfelt dislike of fake trees.)

We bought new bedroom furniture:


I thought the lattice pattern on top of the mirror was fun. You can see in the mirror reflection that it’s on the headboard of the bed as well.

Is it weird to show a picture of the bathroom? But it’s cute enough to deserve a photo:


It has the same floor and cabinets as the kitchen, and glass doors, which is a nice change from a shower curtain (all shower curtain liners should fear me. I don’t know how, but I manage to completely destroy them about 2 months after they go up, like clockwork.)

And no apartment is complete without a fun patio—ours looks down into an alley, which isn’t terribly exciting, but it’s still cute.

Patio Patio

I mainly just felt the need to share these adorable Starry String Lights from Restoration Hardware. They might be the only thing I can afford from that store, but hey, it’s something.

So that’s it—hope you enjoyed the tour! It still needs a lot of work and I didn’t show you the office/spare bedroom, mainly because it’s currently being used as a dumping ground for all the stuff we haven’t put away yet. But I can do an updated tour when we get some things on the walls and make the spare room presentable.

P.S. Unpacking is hard work, and makes me crave chocolate. So what is there to do but make these frosted candy bar cookie cups? I haven’t stopped thinking about them since I read about them. With a name like that, how can they be anything but awesome? Off to experiment with my new oven … see you soon!



  1. Cute! I am moving into an apt in that city in a couple of weeks, though it’s not as fancy (expensive as hell around here!). I also look forward to making it homely the way you did!

  2. I love it!! We actually lived in Santa Monica for a bit when I was little and it reminds me of our apartment there… Its also so clean!! All the rented places we moved into were in a kind of divey state when we moved in – perhaps we werent fussy enough…!? 🙂 Espesh love the lights. xox

  3. Isabelle@cheesymiteapples says:

    Lovely new place!
    I love the wine holder on the wall 🙂

  4. I think it looks amazing, very simple and chic. You have a really good decorating style. This makes me sooo so excited to one day have a “real” apartment. College apartments just don’t count!!

    • I agree—the whole time I was in college, I spent way too much time trying to make my space “cute” and realized it’s just not happening in dorm rooms and sorority houses! Haha.

  5. Fun! It looks so cute! 🙂 I also love that ktichen!

  6. Ummm GORGEOUS! Simple but chic, and just lovely 🙂 Please come decorate my room? haha

  7. You guys’ place is super adorable! I love it all! Also, I think it’s hilarious that this is how Dave finds out about the pillows. 😉 But hey, they are completely precious! And we use CL all the time for great deals on furniture! It’s a great source for that. 🙂

  8. I love it!!! I can’t wait to come see it! If I could I would bring you our IKEA picture for above your couch!

  9. Your apartment looks amazing. You worked quickly. I always take forever to get everything organized. I want the new Justin bieber Christmas cd too… I already bought the glee one:)

  10. I love your new place! It already looks nice and cozy. And I totally understand the head scratcher obsession!! Those things are incredible!

  11. Cute apt! I especially love your wine rack. I’d like one for myself like that. MMM…White Zin…haha.

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