Happy New Year!

Me and Corey

Hope you had a happy holiday season and a great start to the New Year! Corey came to visit me for a few days after Christmas, and we spent her visit doing what we do best: eating our way through Pasadena and beyond.

Somehow, both Dave and I managed to miss the fact that the Rose Parade this year was on Monday, Jan 2 instead of Sunday the 1st (which it is almost every other year). Major fail on our part. So we had to send our friends who came to visit home without seeing it, but Corey did get a little sneak peak! Friday night, we stumbled onto the facility where the floats were being built.

Parade floats

It totally reminded me of Santa’s workshop. I also felt like we were spies, which was awesome. (In reality I think they were too busy float-building to notice whether we were lurking around or not, but I still felt very important and spy-like. I don’t think I would make a good spy, given that I almost fell off the rafters above the floats in my high heels.)

I got all kinds of excited when I saw the Trader Joe’s float happening:

Trader Joe's float

(In case you’re confused as to how that’s a Trader Joe’s float, see the “fearless flyer” written on the side. We had limited views since we were spies.)

And less enthused for the football player (who happened to represent the whole point of the parade, I guess? Details.)

Football player

All of these floats are made of thousands of roses! It smelled amazing in there and it was so fun to get a behind-the-scenes peak.

Even though our New Year’s guests didn’t get to see the parade, Dave and I did. But we weren’t nearly as dedicated as the people who camped out along Colorado Boulevard, the main drive in Pasadena and the parade route:

Parade route

They were kinda weary-looking at 5am (I felt for them, as I was driving back into Pasadena after getting my sister to the airport by 4:30. In the morning.)

Much happier by 8am! (Me and the crowd.)


Here come the floats!


Hi again, Trader Joe’s! I still love you, even though you won’t return my relentless requests to write for your company. I’m sure three emails a week don’t bother you at all.


I have no idea what this guy was. All of the floats started taking on a fuzzy cute animal theme after awhile. Maybe I was delirious from my lack of sleep?


He was my favorite. Bugs can be cute and fuzzy too.


Look at his backside! (He wasn’t shy.)


I loved this one, possibly just because it says Hollywood on it. Also, I had no idea that thing was a transformer until Dave told me it was. I want my cute fuzzy guys back.


There we go. 🙂

More cuteness:


If you look closely, you can see that the horses’ feet were painted gold for the occasion. I’m sure they were very pleased about that. And the real stars of the show were the pooper scoopers who followed behind all the horses—they got some serious applause. I almost jumped in so I could say I was in the parade, but since I didn’t have anything to scoop poop with except my shoe, I figured that wasn’t the best idea.

The ever-present Goodyear blimp wrote us a message!

Blog 2

(I assume the word “Happy” was cut off in this picture, unless they just wanted to update us on where we are in the circle of life. Either way, thanks Goodyear!)

After the parade, Dave and I headed down to the Rose Bowl to check out some of the football game action (which included major tailgating). It was a gorgeous day, and I’m glad I was around this year to celebrate the festivities in Pasadena.

Did anyone make New Year’s Resolutions? I made several—I am one of those people who really likes to make lists. So what better day than January 1st to make a list? There were a lot of the common ones (try to be nicer, even when someone needs to be at the airport by 4am after staying up till 3am the night before type things. You know.)

One I spontaneously decided yesterday with Dave’s help is to run a marathon this year. I figure if I write it publicly, I have to do it. Oprah has run a marathon, and we should all do everything Oprah does, right? Now I just have to pick one and try not to pass out in the middle of it. And maybe train and all that stuff.

Happy 2012!



  1. Nice pictures! I attended the parade as well, toward the end of the route, though! I also loved the worm!

  2. Sandy Smith says:

    I love your blog. I am blessed by the obvious love and joy that you have in your life. You make me feel happy and sunny when I read about your adventures and look at your beautiful pictures. I know I am of another generation but your optimism and enthusiasm for life makes me hopeful for the future. Keep enjoying life!

    Sandy Smith ( Kelli’s mom)

  3. Hey good job on your first resolution b/c I couldn’t tell you were annoyed about the airport thing at all! Haha. I had so much fun in Pasadena! The parade looks so cool, I’m sad I missed it.

  4. actorsdiet says:

    i hope to see the parade one year! maybe that should be my new year’s resolution….

  5. the parade actually has a never on sunday policy I believe, that’s why it was held on monday. it was just bad luck that new years landed on that day this year for your visitors. glad to see you guys are enjoying the sunny shores.

  6. How cool! This all looks super cool!

  7. Happy New Year my dear – beautiful photo of you and your sister and I love the Trader Joe story – I totally used to do that with this health magazine I was obsessed with (although I was like 19 so dont take my failure in that particular instance as bad news). After all people always say perseverance pays off with stuff like that right…!? I love your blog and I think they’d be lucky to have you as a writer! xox

  8. Looks like so much fun! I have always wanted to go to the parade, but have always had to be satisfied watching on tv!

  9. What an awesome parade…glad you had a great New Years!

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