Once Upon a Saturday


There once was a girl, who met a cute boy,

and decided he was special; it wasn’t the time be coy.

So the girl took to Facebook

To ask for a date with the boy;

and he said, “Yes,” which gave her great joy.


A date turned to trips, and adventures and fun,

out of which was born a very lovely love.

Through twists and turns and one big move,

The boy and girl gradually found their groove.

They love to dance and explore and plan,

And of double cheeseburgers and Cheetos, they both are fans.

They are happy together and this they know,

they want to embrace the future and together they will grow.


One cool Saturday morning before the sun rose,

The boy suggested a mountain hike to watch nature’s daily show.

Even though the girl forgot her memory card so her fancy camera failed,

The morning was captured in their minds (and phone cameras) forever in perfect detail.

They stopped to catch their breath and then it began,

The boy pulled out a ring and unveiled his plan.

He said, “Will you marry me?” excited as a young boy

And she said “yes,” which gave him great joy.

So now they are ready

To begin a journey of love

And enjoy this special time

Sent from Heaven above.




The Future Mrs. Trogden ❤

Engaged The ring



  1. Congratulations little lady
    (Sent all the way from the UK)
    Sounds like he madey made it (??)
    Quite the special day!

    Marriage is fun (so far)
    In fact I highly recommend it
    And since u both like burgers & cheetos
    Yours will have lots to commend it!!

    Congrats! xox

  2. Congratulations! Love the poem, so special 🙂

    The ring is gorgeous, that has been my favorite kind of setting for a few years, lucky girl!!

  3. Sweet! Welcome to the engagement club!

  4. I love this. 🙂 So happy and excited for you. Beautiful girl, beautiful ring, beautiful love. 🙂

  5. So happy for you!! Love the poem!!

  6. Hahaha awwww I love it! You forgot to mention the snake:)

  7. Congratulations!! This is wonderful! 🙂

  8. Congrats my blogging friend! The ring is beautiful, just like you! So excited for you!

  9. OK…I’m crying now! What a cute way to tell your engagement story!

  10. Holy cow…congrats! The view and your ring are gorgeous! So happy for you!

  11. What a beautiful proposal!! And GORGEOUS ring!! Congratulations!!

  12. As soon as I was about 10 lines in, I knew exactly where it was going. 🙂 So excited and happy for you.
    You’re gorgeous and that ring is gorgeous. Wonderful poem. 🙂

  13. the pictures are really lovely!

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